Improve Your Facelift With a Neck Lift

Many patients who seek a facelift often wish to look younger by ridding their face of impurities, such as wrinkles, saggy cheeks, or sun damage. While making sure your face is given proper care is important, it is equally important to ensure that the neck receives just as much attention. By combining neck lift and facelift procedures, patients will be able to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout the entire facial area.

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Never Neglect the Neck

While some women may struggle with facial issues alone, others may experience additional problems throughout their neck. As we age, our neck can begin to naturally form fat deposits, causing the skin to sag. For some women with healthy facial appearances, or individuals who have undergone facelift surgery, this development can create a unique dissonance between a youthful face and aged neckline.

A neck lift can correct this dissonance by tightening loose muscles within the neck and eliminating excess skin in order to contour your jawline. When combined with a facelift, the two procedures can also reduce droopiness by repositioning the tissue under the neck for a more firm and rejuvenating look. Liposuction may also be used for minimal sagging and fat deposits in the neck.


Patients who choose to undergo neck lift surgery will be given either sedation or general anesthesia. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and, depending on the operation, can take up to a few hours. A small incision will be made under the chin while another incision will be made behind the ear to hide any scarring that may occur. Once the procedure has been completed, your skin will have a lifted, rejuvenated appearance.

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