Human oocytes image classification method based on deep neural networks

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The effectiveness of in vitro fertilization depends on the assessment and selection of oocytes and embryos with the highest developmental potential. One of the tasks in the ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) procedure is the classification of oocytes according to the stages of their meiotic maturity. Oocytes classification traditionally is done manually during their observation under the light microscope. The paper is part of the bigger task, the development of the system for optimal oocyte and embryos selection. In the hereby work, we present the method for the automatic classification of oocytes based on their images, that employs DNN algorithms.


For the purpose of oocyte class determination, two structures based on deep neural networks were applied. DeepLabV3Plus was responsible for the analysis of oocyte images in order to extract specific regions of oocyte images. Then extracted components were transferred to the network, inspired by the SqueezeNet architecture, for the purpose of oocyte type classification. The structure of this network was refined by a genetic algorithm in order to improve generalization abilities as well as reduce the network’s FLOPs thus minimizing inference time. As a result, [Formula: see text] at the level of 0.964 was obtained at the level of the validation set and 0.957 at the level of the test set. Generated neural networks as well as code that allows running the processing pipe were made publicly available.


In this paper, the complete pipeline was proposed that is able to automatically classify human oocytes into three classes MI, MII, and PI based on the oocytes’ microscopic image.


Artificial intelligence; Classification; Deep neural network; Human oocyte; IVF; Machine learning.

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