How To Pack A Smile-Boosting Lunch For Your Kids

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Your little one’s smile lights up your life—so it makes perfect sense that you’d want to do everything you can to keep it healthy!

One way is to pack a tooth-healthy lunch for your child (or children) on a regular basis since poor dietary choices can damage your kid’s overall oral health down the line.

Here’s how to ace it.

1. Include Plenty Of Fruits & Veggies

The more the merrier, we say! (One of each every day, at the very least!) Need specific suggestions? Okay! Apples, bananas and easy-to-peel tangerines are super simple; just be sure to keep them in a plastic container to prevent any mushy messes. Sliced bell-peppers, baby carrots, cucumber cubes and diced tomatoes are great options to consider for the latter category. See? Doesn’t have to be a hassle or fancy.

2. Double-Check Nutritional Facts

Not everything that is marketed as being “healthy” actually is. Be vigilant and careful, especially when it comes granola bars, yogurt and peanut butter.

Whenever possible, replicate appealing recipes at home, so that you know exactly what ingredients are being used.

3.  Stick With Water & Milk When It Comes To Beverages

Why? Juice boxes and sports drinks can add a surprising amount of sugar to the equation! Keep clear. And soda is a big no-no, of course.

But on to the best bets…milk has calcium, potassium and minerals and water is, you know, amazing and necessary.

(All this said, you might also including a 100% fruit juice as a treat once a week. Just be sure to still also pack H20.)

4. Mix In Oral Health-Elevating Options Whenever Possible

Cheese, strawberries, watermelon; all delicious bites that fit the bill…and there are dozens more.  A little nutritional boost that will please taste-buds? Yup.

Happy prepping. And you may also consider tucking in a mini-tooth brush, toothpaste & flossing kit, to encourage post-meal brushing sessions.


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