How the Neck Lift is Different for Men?

The neck is one of earliest spots to show signs of aging as you grow older. The aging starts small with less definition around the jaw or looser skin under the chin. Over time, your neck develops sagging skin and extra fat deposits. The contouring around your jaw becomes less prominent, allowing your chin and jaw to blend in with your neck. Other things like sun damage and weight fluctuations can change the appearance of your neck and influence the level of aging.

Definition and contouring in the neck and jaw is important, especially for men. Having a strong jaw and a prominent chin are key masculine features that define a man’s overall appearance. A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the neck and jaw for men who have loose skin, extra fat deposits, or poor definition in these areas.

Signs of Aging to Look for in Your Neck

People respond to aging in different ways based on their personal history and environment. Things like smoking, skin care, sun exposure, and weight gain and loss can change the way you look and how you age over time. For example, people who go through weight fluctuations may have loose skin as well as a buildup of fat deposits around their body. Aging also causes your muscles to loosen, which can cause them to sag.

In your neck, aging may come in various forms. Fat can accumulate under your chin, making your face look rounder or giving you a double chin. Your skin may loosen around your neck and jaw, giving you a droopy look. As your neck muscles loosen, they start to look like folds or cords in the skin between your chin and neck, creating a turkey gobbler appearance.

You may not be experiencing aging quite so extensively but you can still pick up on these signs before they become more advanced. Aging is progressive and builds over time, which is why it may be beneficial to treat the problem sooner rather than later.

The Male Neck Lift Procedure

The neck lift procedure has become highly advanced over the years. While it used to involve longer incisions and greater recovery time, now the same results can be accomplished using better techniques. In today’s neck lift, small incisions are made behind the ears and just under the chin. These incisions give the surgeon access to the inside of your neck, which allows him to remove fat deposits and tighten the neck muscles. Loose skin can also be tightened by pulling the soft tissue back towards the incisions.

For male patients, surgeons have to be particularly mindful of preserving masculine features. Male jawlines are typically more prominent and sharper than in women. Surgeons also have to be mindful of the Adam’s apple in male patients when tightening muscles or skin tissue; overdoing it or carelessness could result in discomfort or injury to the patient’s neck. The differences between male and female neck lift patients aren’t drastic, but it’s important to have a skilled surgeon who recognizes the subtle differences.

After surgery, your neck may be sore, swollen, or bruised for a few days. It’s a good idea to keep your head elevated during the initial stages of recovery to minimize the swelling and discomfort. The incisions may be closed with stitches or surgical tape. You will have at least one follow-up appointment with your surgeon to monitor your recovery process, remove incisions or dressings, and address any concerns you may have. Most patients are able to return to work after one or two weeks depending on the extent of the procedure.

Choosing Your Neck Lift Surgeon

If you are a man who struggles with loose skin, extra fat deposits, or a lack of contouring around your neck and jaw, consider choosing Dr. Douglas Steinbrech for neck lift surgery. Dr. Steinbrech is one of Manhattan’s premier plastic surgeons with expertise in multiple cosmetic procedures designed for male patients, including the male neck lift. Dr. Steinbrech is a board certified plastic surgeon who has conducted extensive research into the latest cosmetic techniques and technologies. He frequently passes on his knowledge and training through instruction and lectures, both here in the United States and overseas.

For a neck lift surgery consultation with Dr. Steinbrech, call his practice in Manhattan at (347) 983-9560 or send your information through the Contact page.

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