Herbal remedies for SIBO shown equal to Rifaximin

You’ve read my articles, and perhaps even my book, about the importance of gut bacteria. But what happens if your gut bacteria that should be in your colon start to overpopulate your small intestine? This condition is known as SIBO, or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It can cause a variety of problems including some pretty severe immune system dysfunction. The condition is diagnosed with a breathing test, because the bacteria cause the patient to exhale different gases (really!). This study looked at 104 patients diagnosed with SIBO, and compared two readily-available herbal remedies with the medical standard, Rifaximin, and found that the herbal remedies were just as good! and yes, the image I used is large intestine…didn’t have one of small intestine handy…The full study is available on the link here:
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