Have neck or low back pain? Disc damage? Pinched nerves? Here’s a simple solution for pain relief and even…healing!

This month there was a great research study published in the journal European Cell and Materials, about how a spice extract can relieve neuropathic pain from disc compression, and even help the disc to heal and regenerate. Researchers studied the anti-inflammatory effects of Curcumin, and documented how Curcumin reduced neuroinflammation of compressed dorsal spinal nerve roots. They went down to the molecular level, showing that Curcumin could reduce the expression of TNF-Alpha, an inflammatory cytokine that is a key component of nerve and disc inflammation. They also found that curcumin reduced cellular oxidative stress, which is key to getting damaged nerves to heal, and also reduced pain. If that wasn’t enough, they were able to also document that curcumin increased the production of extracellular proteins, collagen and proteoglycans (ok, simply the stuff that discs are made of!) and this should result in disc regeneration after herniation.
Best taken with fats such as coconut oil, curcumin is safe and effective! If you would like to try some out, please stop by the clinic or click on “Shop” at the top of the page. Thanks for reading, and happy healing!
Richard Matthews DC DACNB
Reference study:
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