Father’s Day Specials from Utah Facial Plastics

Alfie Symes, nurse injector at Utah Facial Plastics, discusses popular cosmetic procedures for men and Father’s Day specials from Utah Facial Plastics.

Nicea: Welcome to the show everybody, glad you are watching.this Friday. Alfie is here from Utah Facial Plastics and Father’s Day is a little over a week away so I thought we’d talk about men. Men do cosmetic procedures. In fact, cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular for men.

Alfie: There’s less stigma attached to it now and I think that with social media, your face is everywhere no matter who you are.

Nicea: When wives come in, is it because their wives or girlfriends who nudging them to come in or are they coming in on their own?

Alfie: There’s a little bit of both. There are plenty of wives that ask their husbands to come in and then plenty that come in on their own.

Nicea: Let’s talk about the top five cosmetic procedures that men are coming in for. What’s the first one?

Alfie: Botox is number one. I think men don’t really realize that Botox doesn’t change your appearance, it just softens lines and wrinkles. It makes you look more refreshed. Men can go back to work right after because there is no downtime. And we make sure we do Botox a bit different for men to keep their results more masculine. Women like their botox injected in a way that lifts their brows where we don’t do that with men. Most people just want to look really natural.

Nicea: What’s the second procedure?

Alfie: The second top procedure is Kybella, which dissolves fat underneath the chin and sculpts the jawline. Kybella is a series of injections that permanently dissolves the fat under the chin.

Nicea: What is the third procedure?

Alfie: The third procedure is PRP hair therapy, which helps prevent and treat hair loss and lengthen and strengthen the hair. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which are growth factors in our blood. It’s even good for young guys to come in early to prevent hair loss from beginning. We recommend between 2-6 treatments.

Nicea: Do men often worry about the pain?

Alfie: Women are often tougher than men. The PRP is not that bad and either is Kybella. Number four is filler and one common area men have filler placed is in their smile lines around their mouths. Some men even ask for filler in their lips and we make it look very natural. Other popular procedures include hydrafacial treatments, hair transplant surgery and eyelid surgery. There are so many procedures we can do for men to make them look refreshed and natural.

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