FAQ: plastic surgery financing.

What are my options? Which procedures are eligible? How does it work? Your most common financing questions, answered.

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a big commitment; one that will affect you physically, emotionally, and of course, financially. In fact, budgetary limitations often cause patients to delay treatment due to cost concerns, or stop them from pursuing their plastic surgery dreams altogether. That’s why it’s no surprise that many patients inquire about plastic surgery financing. Today, we’re answering some of the most common questions we are asked by our patients.

Do many patients inquire about plastic surgery financing, or am I the only one?

You’re certainly not alone. Plastic surgery can be a big financial commitment, and it’s important to properly prepare and budget. We have many patients inquire about, and end up using plastic surgery financing services every day.

What plastic surgery financing options does The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offer?

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic works with primarily with Medicard, a well-established and highly reputable Canadian based patient financing company that offers a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.

Which procedures qualify for financing?

All of the surgical procedures offered at The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic qualify for patient financing.

How does plastic surgery financing work?

Essentially, if you are approved for plastic surgery financing, Medicard will pay The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic the full amount requested by you, and you will repay them in affordable monthly payments.

How easy is it to apply?

Applying for plastic surgery financing is easy, and most patients’ applications are approved quickly – sometimes while the patient is still at the doctor’s office!

First, you’ll submit your application online, via phone, or fax. You’ll be asked to specify the amount you would like to finance, and your ideal terms (6 months, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years). Once your application is approved, you’ll be notified by phone. You’ll be asked to sign and return the required documents, and to send a void cheque. Your monthly payment will then be electronically debited from your chequing account for the agreed upon term.

Do I have to finance the entire procedure?

No, you can choose to finance the whole procedure, or just a portion.

What are the benefits of plastic surgery financing?

As with any financial commitment (think of your home, or car), choosing to finance your plastic surgery procedure allows you to budget more efficiently, at a pace that fits your current needs and lifestyle. If your situation changes in the future, and you’re able to repay the loan in full earlier than expected, there is absolutely no prepayment penalty.
It doesn’t cost you anything to apply for financing or seek approval – so why not explore your options?

What are the potential downsides financing a cosmetic surgery operation?

Any financial decision is deeply personal, and it’s important to ensure you understand the commitment you are making. Do your research, and know your options. Our staff is here to help in any way we can.

If I have to talk to someone about financing, will my friends and neighbours find out that I’m having this surgery?

Applying for plastic surgery financing is 100% confidential. Your application is submitted securely, and you’ll be notified of approval via telephone. All required documents can be sent confidentially. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to know about your procedure, unless you decide to confide in them.

How much will my monthly payments be?

You can view Medicard’s sample monthly payment chart here.

How much interest will I need to pay?

Interest rates are determined based on your credit history, but Medicard offers competitive interest rates with no down payment or collateral required.

How often to people get declined?

As with any other financial loan, it’s possible for your application to be declined based on your credit history, though Medicard’s approval rate is high. If you do not have a credit history, you can apply with a co-signer whose credit history is better established, and who would be willing to assume liability if needed.

What other methods of payment does The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic accept?

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinics accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as cash, certified cheques, or bank drafts.

Plastic surgery financing can make your dream procedure a reality. If you’re interested in learning more about your options, or you’re interested in scheduling a surgical consultation, contact us today.

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