Event Prep: Making Sure Your Smile Is In Tip-Top Condition


Gearing up for an important meeting, presentation or interview? How exciting!

You may have perfected your outfit, prepared your pitch and tried out your talking points, but if you haven’t thought about your smile, you are not completely ready yet.

So, take a deep breath and dive into the following three steps.

1.Be Mindful Of Your Pre-Event Meal

Chowing down on garlic, spices or other pungent food items right before you are hoping to impress someone (and/or a group of individuals) is a bad bet. Save the savory, strong dishes for some other time.

2. Sip On Water (After Flossing, Using Mouthwash & Brushing, Of Course)

Worried about bad breath? Make it a point to stay hydrated; it can help ease your mind and make you feel more comfortable in the long-run, especially when you’re under pressure.

3.  Give Your Grin A Glimpse Before Heading In

Peek at your pearly whites as close to “kick off” as possible. No reflections in sight? Use your smartphone’s camera or carry a tiny mirror in your purse or pocket. You don’t want to distract those you are aiming to awe with a wayward pieces of spinach or a lipstick stain on your tooth, right? It takes away from your accomplishments and personality too.

Best of luck to you!

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