‘Ethical Practice Must Be a Part of Paramedical Staff’s Curriculum.’ – Dr. Salim Ahmed Soomro

KARACHI – Prof Dr. Salim Ahmed Soomro, Professor of Surgery and Head of Department Surgical Ward 26 at JPMC passed a statemet regarding the importance of practicing ethically, during the health session of Savior Club, following Jimmy’s message.

Jimmy’s message states; “Don’t prick IV bottles, it can spread Hepatitis.” This message was a part of savior club’s campaign for creating awareness against hepatitis.

The Savior Club was founded by Otsuka, on the suggestion of leading gastroenterologists of the country, to provide a platform for awareness against deadly diseases like hepatitis.

Prof. Salim stated that, pricking IV bottles and acquiring needle injuries is unfortunately very common in our country’s medical practice. He emphasized upon strict training of nurses and other paramedical staff members on regular basis.

He also added that ‘Ethical practice and Preventive measures’ should be a vital part of Pakistan’s nursing and paramedical staff’s curriculum. He said that demonstrations on proper disposal of syringes are very important for safe infusion.

Prof. Salim Soomro appreciated the efforts of Otsuka’s team for spreading awareness against deadly diseases and he greatly acknowledged the results of those campaigns.

Dr. Uzma added that, Otsuka is committed to providing qualitative products at affordable prices to its patients and it launches new compositions to fulfill the needs of our medical community.

Lastly, Dr. Salim Soomro performed the lucky draw and Dr. Nanik Ram was declared the lucky winner.


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