Dr. Honrado featured on Tour of Beauty

Supermodel Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty is a new television series in which she tours different parts of the world to explore beauty in each region. Her ultimate purpose is to meet all kinds of individuals who believe they hold the key to superior wellbeing and age defying looks. In her tour, she reveals beauty secrets, diets and lifestyles that contribute to new age beauty from the world’s most exotic locations. The ultimate objective is to find whether or not the answer to wellbeing and age defying looks can be found in more natural origins?

The never ending quest for radiant, wrinkle free skin, impecable locks, and vitality and good health is an international matter. Rachel travels from from Asia to America, Mexico to the Middle East and Fiji to France to find the answer we have all been seeking for ages!

Dr. Carlo Honrado and Catherine Rogers are both featured on the final episode which was filmed in Rachel Hunter’s hometown, Los Angeles, USA. In this last episode, Rachel goes in for a consultation with Dr. Honrado, and talks with him about alternative plastic surgery treatment. She also tries one of our most popular procedures: Thermismooth.

Rachel also gets some Botox Injections with Catherine Rogers while visiting our offices.


She also reflects on what she has learned throughout the tour, plus she reveals the diet and beauty secrets she will incorporate into her own life just as well as the countries that have had a lasting effect and what she learned throughout the tour that will changer her life for the better.

You can also check out Dr. Honrado’s Q&A with Rachel here in which they discuss all things cosmetic including botox popularity, anti-aging fillers and their myths and the most popular treatments.

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