Is a Display tool for Medical Research Data by data mining for the latest news and articles that is already published for the public online resources, all the content is copyrighted for the main sources of each article and Newsemia is not responsible for the content accuracy or never publish any medical content.

The clinical treatments described and recommended in Newsemia are based on the main source of publishers websites of research and consultation with nursing, medical, and legal authorities.

To the best of our knowledge, these procedures reflect currently accepted the practice. Nevertheless, they can’t be considered absolute and universal recommendations. For individual applications, all recommendations must be considered in light of the patient’s clinical condition and, before administration of new or infrequently used drugs, in light of the latest package-insert information.

The authors and publisher disclaim any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the suggested procedures, from any undetected errors, or from the reader’s misunderstanding of the text. .

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