Consultants elect BMA committee chair

Rob Harwood has been elected as chair of the BMA consultants committee.

The Norfolk consultant anaesthetist was elected at a committee meeting today. He has been acting chair of the committee for the last year, and deputy chair since 2014.

Dr Harwood has been part of the committee’s negotiating team since talks on a new contract began in 2013, and is credited with leading the team during a difficult phase which has led to a much improved position.

In his election statement Dr Harwood, who has been on the consultants committee since 2006, said he had served over an extended period in the most difficult time for the NHS in recent memory, and demonstrated his resilience.

Dr Harwood has been elected for a three-year term.

In addition, Helen Fidler was re-elected as deputy chair for development, communications and professionalism, and Gary Wannan as deputy chair for healthcare policy. Phil de Warren-Penny and Vishal Sharma were elected as deputy co-chairs for negotiations. These positions are for the session 2018-19.


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