Skin Manifestations of Systemic Cancers

Dermatologists play an important role in identifying and detecting various types of cancer before they reach later stages. Paraneoplastic diseases are clinical disorders that manifest in association with underlying malignancies. Dermatologists can help identify these diseases based on specific criteria, and they play a significant role in the early detection of internal malignancies. Cutaneous lesions…

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Intellihealth appoints executive VP of clinical operations and more digital health hires

Healthcare technology company Intellihealth has hired Annie Lorenzo as its executive vice president of clinical operations. She will manage the clinical operations personnel at Flyte Medical, an affiliate of Intellihealth. Lorenzo has extensive experience in clinical operations and telehealth care delivery, with previous positions at Propeller Health, Higi, Babylon, CirrusMD, and MDLive. Intellihealth CEO Sloan…

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Yoga May Be Even Healthier Than You Thought. Here’s Why

Recent research has linked yoga to a wide range of health benefits, including brain function enhancement, stress reduction, mood boosting, and protection against various health conditions. It has therapeutic effects on conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, Parkinson’s, irritable bowel syndrome, and menopause. Yoga is accessible and can be made safe for people with…

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