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How Long Does Restylane® Last?

If you’re interested in dermal fillers that create long-lasting, youthful results, then it’s time to introduce yourself to Restylane®.  This FDA-approved dermal filler uses hyaluronic acid gel to correct what’s known as “facial…

The Scoop on Baby Botox

Botox is enjoying a media blitz—with recent articles in The New York Times and The Atlantic about the post-pandemic beauty boom. One term that keeps cropping up is Baby Botox. What is Baby Botox? Baby Botox (or barely-there Botox) is a…

Tips for controlling rosacea

Have you ever wondered if you might have rosacea?  Common symptoms include easy facial flushing, often worsened by triggers such as exercise, temperature changes, sun exposure, stress and/or alcohol ingestion.  Over time, the redness can…

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