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Stop the genetic presses!

Study describes new mechanism for terminating transcription of DNA into RNA in bacteria Credit: Babitzke Laboratory and Dani Zemba, Penn State The protein, known as NusG, pauses the transcription machinery at specific DNA sequences

The legume family tree

Massive molecular study uncovers clues to the evolution and diversification of essential plant family Credit: Yiyong Zhao, Chien-Hsun Huang, and Hong Ma The most comprehensive study of the family tree for legumes, the plant family

Learning on the fly

Computational model demonstrates similarity in how humans and insects learn about their surroundings Credit: University of Sussex Even the humble fruit fly craves a dose of the happy hormone, according to a new study from the

Space weather and solar blobs

Scientists receive funding to study conditions that can disrupt communications satellites Credit: (Astrophysical inages courtesy of NASA / headshots and collage courtesy of Elle Starkman) Scientists at the U.S. Department of

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