Breast Mesh Creates Longer-Lasting Breast Lifts

Want to maximize the length of time your breast lift results will last?

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Consider breast mesh.

Time and gravity have their way with all of us as we age.  Droopy or ptotic breasts bring many people to see a plastic surgeon each year.  This is often the result of having breastfed children, significant weight loss, or simply because of the natural aging process.

When dealing with the effects of time and gravity, we all know that even successful surgical results won’t last forever. Things will inevitably “settle” again as the years unfold, particularly when the skin is already lax from prior stretching.

So how do you get the longest-lasting results from your breast lift surgery?

One way is through the use of FDA-approved biologic or synthetic “mesh” material from Galatea Surgical.

Surgical breast mesh is a thin sheet of material that creates a sort of “internal bra”; providing 24/7 support to the breast tissue.

The breast mesh provides a sling for the lower part of the breast and is shaped like the panel of a bra.  It is placed with precision under the skin during a breast lift procedure.

Patients don’t see or feel the breast mesh. And, over time it will dissolve and leave in its place a thin layer of scar tissue that provides longer-lasting support.

Unlike permanent mesh that some surgeons use, Dr. Restifo only uses dissolvable mesh to get the safest and best results for patients. Most importantly, it has been found safe by the FDA, and should not interfere with routine screening mammography.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), mastopexy procedures are surging in popularity, Having grown by 92% since 2000.

As more women grow older and breastfeed their children, industry professionals expect the interest in breast lift surgery will continue to increase. Breast mesh offers one way to get longer-lasting results.

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