Gaza: “No health system left,” says MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières informed the UN Security Council that the healthcare system in Gaza is no longer functioning due to the destruction of hospitals by Israel’s military. MSF’s secretary general emphasized that there is very little left to provide healthcare in the region. Despite claims of medical facilities being used for military purposes, no concrete…

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New cell-based immunotherapy offered for melanoma

Siteman Cancer Center is among the first to offer a newly approved cell-based immunotherapy targeting melanoma, approved by the FDA. Washington University physicians at the center will administer TIL therapy to treat certain patients with metastatic melanoma that has not responded to other treatments. This therapy, developed by Iovance Therapeutics, uses the patient’s own T…

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CDC Could Cut COVID Isolation Time: What It Could Mean

The CDC plans to reduce COVID-19 isolation recommendations from 5 days to just 24 hours starting in April. Some experts are concerned this change may lead people to take isolation less seriously and underestimate the severity of COVID. They argue that COVID is still contagious and can be deadly, especially for high-risk populations. Some worry…

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A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Steel Toe Boot

Workers in industries with high injury risks, like construction and mining, need to wear protective steel toe boots. These boots protect against falling objects and sharp materials, while also providing comfort for long hours on the job. Features to look for include a composite toe cap for impact protection, slip-resistant soles, Kevlar plates for puncture…

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Driving Accessibility in HealthTech: 3 Things Founders should Consider for Thoughtful AI Implementation in 2024

The development of artificial intelligence in healthcare holds great promise, but it is crucial to address possible pitfalls that could worsen existing inequities in healthcare outcomes. Founders and entrepreneurs must prioritize ethical AI, bias mitigation, cultural competence in UX design, and community engagement to ensure equitable and meaningful solutions. By detecting and addressing biases in…

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Understanding Sports Medical Certificates and Mounjaro: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of sports and health, safety and performance are top priorities. Sports medical certificates are crucial for ensuring athletes are fit to compete. Mounjaro, a new medication, offers hope for managing conditions like Type 2 diabetes. Sports medical certificates involve thorough examinations to assess fitness. Mounjaro works differently from other diabetes medications and…

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