Amazon Must Haves!

 Amazon, you’ve done it again.

I thought I’d would share some items that I’ve recently purchased. As most of you might know(thanks to being a heart patient), I struggle with major neck and back issues from having 2 open heart surgeries in under 3 years. With that, I’ve been on the lookout for certain items that could help alleviate some pain while still living my best life. There are no affiliate links or sponsored content on this post. Simply sharing some items that I not only love, but have found to be quite helpful as a chronic ill patient.


Bed Wedge

A few friends and one of my doctors actually recommended this to me. I’ve been having issues sleeping flat on my back due to some lovely heart problems(similar symptoms to heartburn). I was told to use extra pillows to help prop me up at night to alleviate discomfort in my chest. After using extra pillows to help alleviate my heart symptoms, my neck could not handle that kind of position anymore. So, I finally got a bed wedge. It was super easy to unbox and fits right under my mattress. When laying down on my back, my upper body, especially my neck is in a much better and healthier position and my heart symptoms are managed pretty well. A well rested night has never felt so good till getting my bed wedge.


Laptop Computer Desk

Everyone can benefit from a laptop standing desk. Seriously, it’s true. I wish I had one in during my college years. College students to work at home people, a laptop standing desk will be a life saver in years to come for your health. It forces me to sit upright and get off my tush(pformaisis syndrome is no fun) at times. Who want’s a hunchback at 29? Not me. This standing desk has alleviated some discomfort while writing papers for grad school or working from home with VIPkid.


Wireless Headphones

Why did I wait so long to get wireless headphones? I must be crazy! No, but seriously, there amazing. I am absolutely  obsessed with these. First off, how stinkin cute are they?! My color palette is white and pink so naturally I had to get this one. Duh. Also, I am pretty impressed with the quality of this brand. They don’t slip out of my ears(which is probably why I waited so long to try) and the battery life is pretty good. Plus, there are so pretty. Did I mention that already?! My gym accessories might mean more to me than actually working out. Whoops. Considering the price, I am thoroughly impressed and so glad I made the switch to wireless headphones.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through some of my recent amazon favorites and must haves 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


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