Aga Khan Inaugurates a Learning Center in London; ‘The Aga Khan Centre’

KARACHI– The Aga Khan Centre, recently got inaugurated by His Highness, Prince of Wales and the event was hosted by Aga Khan.

Among the guests were; London’s Mayor, Mr. Sadiq Khan and Foreign Office Minister for Human Rights, Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon.

The inauguration of this center took place as part of Aga Khan’s visit to the United Kingdom, as a guest of the Majesty’s Government, also marking Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee – 60 years of his role as an Imam (spiritual leader) of the global Ismaili Muslim community.

The Aga Khan Center is a unique amalgamation of education, knowledge, cultural exchange and an insight into the Muslim civilizations.

While addressing the guests at the opening ceremony, Prince of Wales commented on the global importance of understanding the intellectual and cultural contributions made by the Islamic civilizations. Aga Khan also expressed his expectations from this learning center.

His Highness Aga Khan discussed the challenges faced within the world regarding different views and perspectives and how to make them heard harmoniously, in order to build a sense of understanding.

AKC also houses a library, that brings together the collections of other institutes of Aga Khan providing ample space for publications, and storing rare books and manuscripts. The library collections include academic materials for teaching, research, comparative study and publications about Muslim civilizations, including a unique collection, focusing on Shia Islam and its Ismaili traditions.

In September 2018, the Aga Khan Centre will begin conducting a public program, comprising of lectures and exhibitions, and an opportunity for the public to visit the Islamic Gardens at King’s Cross.

London has undoubtedly been a home to the educational and international development institutions now housed at AKC for a period of 40 years. The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) and AKU- Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations (ISMC), work with leading UK universities and are active members of London’s Knowledge Quarter. Through their higher education programs, research and publications, AKC seeks to promote scholarship on Muslim cultures and societies, historical as well as contemporary. 

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