A Good Dose of Laughter Can Act as The Best Medicine for Your Heart

Heart specialist doctors in Delhi believe that positive emotions like laughter and happiness help in reducing the stress hormones, increase the good cholesterol in the body and also reduce the inflammation of the arteries. Best cardiac surgeon in world trust that there is direct correlation of heart with laughter in life and a healthy being.

Some of the ways by which the laughter and positive emotions change the heart health include:

Dilation of blood vessels

  • Researchers tell that laughter has a similar effect as the aerobic exercises. Laughter helps in the release of beta-endorphins in the hypothalamus. The endorphins, in turn, result in increasing Nitric oxide levels.
  • Nitric oxide causes vasodilation of blood vessels which increases the blood flow and helps in reducing the chances of heart attack and stroke.
  • Nitric oxide also reduces the inflammation of the vessels. Due to decrease in inflammation, there are lesser chances of plaque formation in blood vessels. Laughter mimics the actions of drug and exercise and the effects of laughter areachieved spontaneously compared to medicines and exercise.
  • A research conducted has proved that laughter helps in dilating of the blood vessels by 30%-50%.

Reduction in stress hormones

  • Stress results from the release of cortisol and epinephrine. Reduction in these hormones, resulting in reduced stress. It is scientifically proved that increase in stress levels leads to vasoconstriction of blood vessels.
  • According to heart specialist doctors in Delhi, people who are in stressful situation have constricted blood vessels compared to people who are happy. So better watch comedy movies and have a healthy lifestyle!

Boosts antibody production

Laughter helps in increasing the antibody-producing cells, thus leading to better immunity towards diseases.

Increasing T cells

Endorphins helps in reducing the T cells of the person and improves the immune system of the person.

Other Benefits

  • Laughter also helps in increasing the blood flow which in turn helps in reducing the risk of many heart diseases.
  • It helps in improving the calories of the person and thus improve the overall health of the person.
  • It alsoaids to increase the endothelium layer. Expansion of endothelium layer helps in increasing the blood flow to the body while a decrease in endothelium causes vasoconstriction and decrease in blood flow.

Even the best cardiac surgeons in world are insisting on bringing lifestyle changes to fight against heart disease along with medicines.

It is observed that to reduce the stress levels, improve the heart condition and reduce the risk of heart diseases, it is important to indulge in activities that bring smile and happiness to you like –

  • Watching humorous movies – It is good to visit humorous movies or live shows.
  • Hanging out with friends – Sometimes hanging out with old friends, reliving the good memories can help to bring smile and laughter on your face.
  • Attend laughter class or laughter yoga – This is a new way of changing lifestyle and preventing a lot of heart-related disorder. This also helps in treating many disorders related to heart, like blood pressure and stress levels.
  • Playing with pets, etc. helps to reduce stress levels.
  • Accomplishing one’s hobbies or doing some social activities also helps in reducing stress levels and bringing joy in life.
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