7 Hottest Trends To Beautify Your 2018

2018 Plastic Surgery TrendsI hope 2017 has been a good year for you, because it’s been a great year for our Knoxville plastic surgery practice in so many ways. At this time of the year I like to reflect back over the past year with an eye to the future to take stock of where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

I’ve identified seven top trends that I expect we’ll be seeing more of in 2018. So, without further ado, here is what we are looking forward to in each area of the practice, starting with the non-surgical side of things.

1. A Great New Skin Care Line

Welcome SkinMedica.
We have just added SkinMedica to our skin care line up, and we are very glad we did! The daily use products are some of the best I have seen (I am definitely addicted to TNS serum, and my skin has never looked better). The inclusion of growth factors is not just hype; it really works.

In addition to their daily use products, SkinMedica has three new peels that Christy is gaga over. Christy really knows skin, and if she thinks these peels are the greatest thing since sliced bread, you can bet that they are!
PS: SkinMedica is an Allergan company so you’ll earn Brilliant Distinctions points while improving the health of your skin: a real win-win.

2. A New Longer-Lasting Filler

Juvederm Vollure is a real winner.
The newest addition to the Juvederm palate of fillers is a softer and more moldable filler that’s FDA-approved for a correction lasting up to 18 months. Jill is very happy with this new gem, especially for the nasolabial folds. She is seeing a very natural correction with less swelling. What’s not to like?

3. CoolSculpting just got cooler

New applicators take it up a notch.
Without a doubt, CoolSculpting works and is the leading non-invasive fat reduction technology. While we have seen great results with this over the last 6 years (that’s right, we’ve had it since 2011), a new line of applicators has really allowed Natasha to up her CoolSculpting game. Because of their improved design, treatment times have been almost cut in half. The surface area treated can be larger leading to better results and the occasional side effect of nerve pain is even more rare if it happens at all.

4. An amazing new spot remover

We’re loving the CryoCorrect.
A month or so ago at our staff lunch, Christy mentioned this new gismo for treating dark spots. She showed us a spot that she had made vanish on Tressa’s face (we always try new things on our staff first) and we were immediately sold. This is a very handy device from our good friends at SkinCeuticals that uses carbon dioxide to locally treat darkly pigmented spots. It’s quick, with minimal discomfort and no down time. We liked it so much that we got Jill one too!

5. Treat the hips during a tummy tuck

The Muffinator rules.
Tummy tucks have always been a great surgical procedure with great results. Over the years we have improved this by incorporating liposuction for the right patients and by eliminating drains in almost all patients. But a recent focus has been the attention to the love handles at the same time as we are working on the abdomen.

One of our staff coined the term “Muffinator” for an operation that includes excision of the love handles (with or without liposuction) at the same time as the tummy tuck. This adds a little extra time to the operation, but really does not extend the recovery. The result is that not only do you have a flat stomach after this, but the muffin top is gone as well.

6. A surprise use for fat

Fat injections add volume to facelifts.
As we address facial aging, the surgical “go-to” is a facelift. The goal of this operation is the restore the look of a younger face by putting things back to where they were before gravity got ahold of them. Mainly we’re talking repositioning facial fat (with skin excision). In many people there is not only a movement of fat over time, but an overall fat loss with aging. (Think of how someone like Clint Eastwood’s face looks now compared to his earlier career.) This can lead to a flatter face devoid of adequate volume even after a facelift. The solution is to replace some of this fat during the facelift so that we are both lifting and filling. This is relatively easily done and only requires a couple cc’s of fat to make a big difference. This trend will definitely continue.

7. A big interest in breasts

Breast implants are not just for young women.
Over the years, few devices in plastic surgery have received more attention than breast implants. There have been some changes to their composition (cohesive, or highly cohesive gel), changes to their shapes (round verses shaped) and alternatives to their profiles (moderate to high to ultra-high), but they remain the most requested operation for our practice. I don’t really expect this to change because they are safe, effective, and give women the results they are looking for. The trend that I am seeing with breast augmentations or breast augmentations with breast lifts, is that older, even much older women are electing to have this done.

As we look ahead to 2018, toasting each other with Auld Lang Syne (hoping that on New Year’s Eve that Mariah Carey can redeem herself). There is much to look forward to, and much to be thankful for.

Happy New Year to all!

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