5 years since I earned my zipper!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since my 1st Open Heart Surgery?!

Somedays, it feel likes a lifetime ago and then some feels like yesterday. Anniversaries, whether you’ve had one or multiple open heart surgeries bring a mix of unexplainable feelings.

You want to shout from the rooftops of how grateful you are for every single person that operated and saved your life that day. You want hug your family members and enjoy the beauty of the world a little closer on those days.

And then, you want to hide away somewhere and forget it ever happened. The rawness of the pain and suffering still exits because by the grace of God, you still have your memory. Although, trust me, these surgeries definitely do a number to it. If I’m ever talking to you and forget midway through a conversation of what we’re talking about, please accept my apologies and we’ll just blame my surgeries. Yea, talk about thinking you are going crazy.

Open heart surgery anniversaries are so special. They bring a whole new meaning to what it means to live.

So, if you have a special anniversary coming up, celebrate and share them!!!

You’ll be finding me with a glass of wine, Netflix and enjoying the comfort of my own home(thankfully not in a hospital) and my family!

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