What to know about H5N1 bird flu

What happens when a common virus jumps from birds to cows? And should we be concerned?

This week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT senior infectious diseases reporter Helen Branswell walks us through ongoing H5N1 outbreak in the U.S. and issues with monitoring the spread.

It’s also Pulitzer week at “The Readout LOUD”! In a bit of shameless self-promotion, we’ll talk to our colleagues Bob Herman and Casey Ross about being named Pulitzer finalists in investigative reporting for their reporting on United Healthcare’s use of algorithms in coverage decisions. We’ll hear what’s happened since their explosive work was published last year.

To read all of Helen’s coverage on the H5N1 outbreak, go here; here’s more on how UnitedHealth Group used an unregulated algorithm in coverage decisions; and you can sign up for Adam’s new newsletter, Biotech Scorecard, here.

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