Sandoz leaves U.K. trade group over dispute about promoting a biosimilar

In an unusual move, Sandoz is no longer cooperating with a U.K. industry trade group following a dispute over allegations that the company inappropriately marketed a biosimilar medicine.

At issue was an anonymous complaint filed in May 2023 by a physician who contended that Sandoz unfairly attempted to promote a biosimilar version of Tysabri for treating multiple sclerosis as an affordable option. The company was accused of providing skewed and incomplete cost information and did so before regulators issued marketing authorization, according to a report by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority.

The PMCPA, which is a self-regulatory body overseen by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, subsequently determined that the company breached several voluntary codes governing business practices. However, Sandoz rejected the findings. But instead of appealing, the company decided it would no longer “accept the jurisdiction” of PMCPA findings.

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