‘Resurgence’ in osteotomy for treating knee instability, malalignment, ACL failure

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Key takeaways:

  • Use of osteotomy may help correct knee instability, malalignment and ACL reconstruction failure.
  • Patient-specific instrumentation can make osteotomies more reproducible.

BOSTON — In this video from the Arthroscopy Association of North America Annual Meeting, Michael J. Alaia, MD, FAAOS, discussed the resurgence of osteotomy to correct knee instability, malalignment and ACL surgery failure.

“What we’re starting to realize more and more and what the data is confirming is [that bony] procedures are efficacious and they are safely done in patients. These can even be done in an outpatient setting,” he told Healio. “The results are quite striking. We can take a patient that has failed two or three ACL reconstructions, do a bony procedure on them and give them the quality of life and ability to perform activities that they’ve been lacking.”

Alaia noted how the advent of patient-specific instrumentation can make osteotomy more reproducible and improve overall outcomes.

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