New study uncovers 17 genes driving clonal hematopoiesis and links to aging and disease

Researchers from the U.K. and U.S. analyzed blood samples from 200,618 U.K. Biobank participants, identifying 17 genes positively selected and driving clonal hematopoiesis. Clonal hematopoiesis involves the clonal expansion of mutated blood cells, with potential links to aging-related diseases. The study used exome sequencing to find genes under positive selection, including MTA2, SPRED2, and SRFS1, which conferred fitness advantages to hematopoietic stem cells. Results suggest an increase in clonal hematopoiesis prevalence with age, potentially impacting risks of hematological cancers and infection. This study provides crucial insights into the genetic drivers of clonal hematopoiesis and its association with disease.

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