DeNovix releases new budget-friendly 1 µL UV-Vis spectrophotometer

The DS-7 Spectrophotometer is a new 1 uL UV-Vis spectrophotometer in the DS-Series Quantification Range by DeNovix. It is designed to provide budget-conscious labs with high-performance, full-spectrum UV-Vis measurements for DNA, RNA, and protein quantification. It offers rapid and reliable 1 µL UV-Vis quantification, optional cuvette mode, and pre-configured applications for different biomolecule types. The device also features a 7” touchscreen, USB and label printer exporting, four color choices, and a two-year warranty. DeNovix aims to meet the evolving quantification needs of researchers and educators by offering a budget-friendly high-quality option with the DS-7 Spectrophotometer.

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