Blackstone Unveils Immunology Startup With $300M and a Phase 2-Ready Drug From Merck


Immunology and inflammation research is a hot area, with Blackstone funding new startup Uniquity Bio with $300 million for their lead asset solrikitug from Merck, targeting thymic stromal lymphoprotein (TSLP). The drug is in Phase 2 development for COPD and asthma, with potential to treat a range of inflammatory conditions. Competitors include AstraZeneca, Upstream Bio, Zura Bio, and Sanofi. Blackstone also invests in Moderna, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, and AvenCell. Uniquity plans to start Phase 2 tests soon. This investment reflects Blackstone’s commitment to developing transformative medicines and partnering with industry leaders to advance immunology and inflammation research.

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