Study finds low and high GI diets boost endurance performance over low-carb diets

A study was conducted on the effects of varying carbohydrate intake and glycemic index on endurance performance in men during a 10-week exercise and nutritional intervention. The study compared a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet, high-GI diet, and low-GI diet. The low-GI diet showed reduced energy intake, improved metabolic flexibility, and endurance performance. The LCHF diet enhanced fat oxidation but negatively affected carbohydrate metabolism and muscle glycogen. The high-GI diet improved performance at high intensities but led to impaired fat oxidation. The study highlighted the benefits of the low-GI diet for substrate oxidation and endurance performance, suggesting caution in recommending the LCHF diet. Future studies are needed to further explore these findings.

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