Nivo-Ipi More Effective, More Toxic Than Anti-PD-1 Monotherapy in High-Risk Melanoma

Neoadjuvant treatment with nivolumab and ipilimumab is more effective but more toxic than anti-PD1 monotherapy for high-risk, resectable melanoma. Patients who received nivo-ipi were more likely to achieve pathologic complete responses but had a higher risk of immune-related adverse events. Data from six trials showed that nivo-ipi had a higher rate of pathologic complete response compared to anti-PD1 monotherapy. Patients receiving nivo-ipi also had higher rates of grade 3-4 irAEs. Efficacy outcomes were similar between conventional and alternative-dose nivo-ipi, but the conventional-dose group had more severe irAEs and more difficulty completing treatment. Randomized trials are needed to validate these findings.

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