Don’t Worry, Gen Z, Your Face Isn’t Aging Faster Than Others

The rise of skin care influencers on social media has led many young people to seek anti-aging products and procedures, despite experts stating that there is no evidence that Gen Z is aging faster than normal. The focus on frown lines and wrinkles online is often driven by perception rather than reality. While Gen Z is good at skin care, the unrealistic standards set by influencers can lead to a warped perception of skin aging and unnecessary treatments like baby Botox and retinoids. These treatments can have side effects and risks, such as muscle wasting with Botox and increased sun sensitivity and skin irritation with retinoids. It is important to consult with a skin care expert before starting any anti-aging treatments. Additionally, vaping can also damage the skin and accelerate premature aging. Despite the abundance of skin care products marketed to Gen Z on social media, a simple and affordable skin care routine can still be effective with products like sunscreen, retinol, and vitamin C.

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