Covid-19: Charities question inquiry’s “refusal” to fully examine mental health impact

Thirty organizations, including mental health charities and bereaved families’ organizations, are urging the UK Covid-19 Inquiry to prioritize the mental health effects of the pandemic. They are concerned that mental health has not been prioritized in the inquiry’s third module, which is looking at the government’s response to Covid-19 and its impact on healthcare systems. The organizations are disappointed by this decision and are calling for mental health to be fully considered in the inquiry. They believe that failing to address mental health risks overlooking the needs of millions of individuals and future generations who may face similar challenges. Mind is the only mental health organization granted core participant status for the inquiry, allowing them to submit evidence and influence the investigation. The inquiry has reassured that mental health will be covered throughout the investigation, including public hearings for mental health services for young people in module 3. The organizations are urging the inquiry to reconsider its position and acknowledge the importance of addressing the mental health consequences of the pandemic for a comprehensive examination and learning lessons for the future.

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