VinBrain joins Vietnam’s National TB Screening and more partnership briefs

The Global Fund has partnered with VinBrain to support Vietnam’s National Tuberculosis Prevention Campaign through the use of AI technology. VinBrain will provide 32 AI licenses to aid in screening a million suspected TB cases, with the goal of eliminating TB in the country by 2035. Additionally, VinBrain has signed agreements to integrate their AI technology into Ghana’s national TB program and two hospitals in Guam. In another development, Vuno has partnered with X-ray supplier Sedecal to incorporate their AI solution for chest X-ray reading into global X-ray systems. Wellysis is collaborating with Artella Solutions to launch a remote heart monitoring service in the US using FDA-approved technology. Lastly, South Korean company i-SENS has obtained a CE mark for its CGM device, allowing it to enter the European market.

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