Endocrinology company Valendo Health launches with $4M and two provider partners

Valendo Health, a diabetes-focused endocrinology company, has launched with $4 million in seed funding and two providers. The company, part of Redesign Health, aims to increase revenue for endocrinologists and assist with the transition to a value-based care model. It offers telehealth and remote patient monitoring services, an endocrinology-focused EMR, data analytics, and help with…

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The FTC Is Attacking Drugmakers’ ‘Patent Thickets’

The Federal Trade Commission is contesting the legitimacy of over 100 patents for drug delivery devices such as inhalers and autoinjectors in an effort to stimulate competition and possibly reduce drug prices. The pharmaceutical industry has often used these patents, preventing competition from offering less expensive generic alternatives. The FTC is trying to challenge these…

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