Organ Donations Increased in Québec After MAiD


Organ donations after medical assistance in dying (MAiD) accounted for 14% of total deceased donations in Quebec in 2022, according to new research. The study found that since 2018, there has been an increase in referrals and completed cases for organ donations after MAiD. During the study period, Transplant Québec received 245 referrals for donation after MAiD, of which 82 were retained and resulted in 64 patients becoming donors after MAiD, with a conversion rate of 26.1%. The study concluded that the pathway for donation after MAiD results in a rapid and predictable form of donation after circulatory determination of death. The researchers plan to further investigate the performance of these organs posttransplant and improve the system to decrease barriers to organ donation after MAiD. Arthur L. Caplan, PhD, commented on the findings and emphasized the need for clear protocols and the public’s understanding of the rules and their implementation.

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