How I Plan for Specific Tasks With Geographic Atrophy


Joan Kathryn, 79, was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in 2008. She has developed wet AMD in her left eye and geographic atrophy (GA) in both eyes. The condition has made it difficult for her to recognize faraway faces, read fine print, and find small objects. Despite the challenges, she has adapted by using tips and tricks to complete everyday tasks, such as laying out cooking tools and ingredients in order, using a black cutting board for better contrast, and using a task lamp with a magnifier. She also uses strategies to recognize people and has learned to apply eye makeup despite her vision loss. While she can still drive, she prefers not to drive long distances and relies on rideshare services or her husband for transportation. She recently informed someone about her visual impairment for the first time and was surprised at the compassionate response she received.

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