Endocrinology company Valendo Health launches with $4M and two provider partners

Valendo Health, a diabetes-focused endocrinology company, has launched with $4 million in seed funding and two providers. The company, part of Redesign Health, aims to increase revenue for endocrinologists and assist with the transition to a value-based care model. It offers telehealth and remote patient monitoring services, an endocrinology-focused EMR, data analytics, and help with value-based care contracting. Valendo Health has partnered with Cecelia Health, a national virtual specialty care provider, and Advanced Metabolic Care + Research, an endocrinology center in Southern California. The company’s mission is to help endocrinologists treat more diabetes patients and be rewarded for the value they create. The diabetes management industry is growing, with other companies like Lilly and Kakao Corporation entering the market.

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