Rezafungin May Provide Early Treatment Benefit in Candidemia, Invasive Candidiasis

A comparison of rezafungin and caspofungin for the treatment of candidemia and invasive candidiasis found that rezafungin may offer an early treatment benefit with its front-loaded dosing regimen. Study findings published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases showed that rezafungin was noninferior to caspofungin in terms of all-cause mortality and had higher rates of mycologic eradication. Patients in the rezafungin group also had fewer treatment-emergent adverse events. The availability of rezafungin as a new antifungal is a valuable addition to candidemia and invasive candidiasis treatments and may help to address the growing challenge of treatment-resistant Candida strains and species. This research was supported by Melinta Therapeutics and Cidara Therapeutics, with multiple study authors declaring affiliations with industry.

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