Records Show Publix Opioid Sales Grew Even as Addiction Crisis Prompted Other Chains’ Pullback

An executive at Teva Pharmaceuticals flagged Publix Super Markets in 2015 over high-strength oxycodone orders, citing “serious red flags”. Publix, a Florida-based grocery chain, saw a 35% increase in opioid sales from 2011 to 2019, despite national decreases. Publix overtook CVS to become the second-largest opioid dispenser in Florida behind Walgreens. The chain was not included in a lawsuit against pharmacy chains in 2018, but did make significant political donations in Florida. Despite numerous allegations, Publix maintains innocence. Teva halted opioids to Publix in 2015 over concerns of abuse, yet no mention of Publix is found on Florida’s 10 opioid settlements website during 2019.

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