‘Emergency’ or not, covid is still killing people. Here’s what doctors advise to stay safe.

Despite the end of declared health emergencies regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, 20,000 people in the United States and countless others overseas have died from the virus since October. The pandemic is still ongoing, and while vaccines and treatments have helped reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths, the virus is still surging. Influenza and respiratory infections are also on the rise. Despite the changing nature of the pandemic response, it is still recommended to follow CDC guidelines for getting vaccinated for Covid-19 and influenza. Wearing N95 masks in crowded, indoor places and taking rapid Covid tests are also recommended as additional preventive measures against airborne infections. While the government has stopped funding testing sites, home Covid tests are available at pharmacies. Occupational safety in workplaces and the potential for transmission of diseases is a concern, particularly for those in low-wage and part-time jobs.

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