Eisai harnesses wearables data for AI-led Alzheimer’s prediction


Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai and Oita University have developed an AI model that uses data from wearable devices to predict Alzheimer’s disease. The study collected data from 122 individuals aged 65 and older, including physical activity, sleep, heart rate, and lifestyle information. Participants also underwent annual amyloid PET examinations to detect the accumulation of amyloid-beta protein in the brain, a significant biomarker of Alzheimer’s. The AI model was able to predict amyloid-beta protein accumulation and identified 22 factors contributing to it. The research aims to make Alzheimer’s testing more accessible and could have a wider application for pre-screening people for the disease. Eisai continues to be involved in Alzheimer’s research and has launched a digital health business called Theoria with a specific focus on dementia.

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