Where AI will impact healthcare in 2024

In 2024, experts predict that AI will continue to have a significant impact on healthcare. Neil Patel of Redesign Health sees organizations developing AI strategies independent of a single platform. Doug Hirsch of GoodRx emphasizes the need for AI solutions to address fundamental healthcare challenges rather than flashy technology. Kourosh Davarpanah of Inato expects swift adoption of AI in all levels of healthcare, especially in biopharma. Matthew Stoudt of AppliedVR predicts the use of AI to personalize care and therapy sessions. Sam Glassenberg of Level Ex anticipates the use of AI to create training content, solve complex healthcare problems, and address loneliness. Amit Khanna of Salesforce foresees generative AI transforming healthcare and reducing industry costs. Dr. Peter Bonis of Wolters Kluwer Health expects continued evolution of AI in clinical settings for decision support. Munjal Shah of Hippocratic AI predicts the use of generative AI to address the global healthcare staffing crisis.

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