Talkspace launches partnership with Evernow for women’s health


Publicly-traded digital behavioral health company Talkspace has partnered with menopause-focused telehealth startup Evernow to expand their portfolio. Talkspace offers therapy, psychiatric services, and medication management for various mental health conditions, while Evernow provides hormone therapy and treatment plans for menopausal women. Through the partnership, Talkspace providers can access Evernow’s resources, and Evernow’s members can receive a discount on Talkspace care plans. Additionally, Evernow’s members will have free access to Talkspace’s self-guided therapy sessions. Talkspace has also announced some financial struggles but reported improvement in its third-quarter earnings, with increased revenue and decreased operating expenses. The company expects to break even by the end of Q1 2024 with a cash balance of over $120 million.

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