Pregnancy Safe After BRCA-Mutated Breast Cancer


New research presented at the 2023 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium suggests that young women with BRCA-mutated breast cancer can become pregnant and carry a healthy baby to term without experiencing worse disease outcomes. The study included 4732 young women from across the globe who had been diagnosed with stage I-III invasive breast cancer and are BRCA carriers. About 1 in 5 young BRCA carriers (22%) conceived within 10 years after their breast cancer diagnosis and experienced a low rate of pregnancy and obstetric complications. The study found differences in disease-free survival based on specific BRCA gene type, with BRCA1 carriers showing better survival after pregnancy while BRCA2 carriers appeared to have worse disease-free survival. The study was funded by the Italian Association for Cancer Research, Gilead, and others, and investigators had various ties to the industry.

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