Mettl3 guides CD8 T cells to eliminate infected cells with maximum efficiency

Researchers led by Dr. Shuyang Yu, Dr. Jingyu Xu, and Dr. Xuguang Du from China Agricultural University and Zunyi Medical University studied the role of Mettl3 in CD8 T cell response during acute infection. They found that m6A modifications play a key role in regulating the CD8 T cell response. Mettl3-deficient CD8 T cells showed decreased proliferation and increased apoptosis, resulting in defective clonal expansion. The study also revealed that Mettl3-mediated m6A modification regulates cell cycle- and differentiation-related genes’ expression, including binding to the Tbx21 transcript to sustain stability and normal production of T-bet protein. Overall, the study illustrates the essential role of Mettl3 in regulating CD8 T cell response during acute infection.

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