Infection Main Cause of Nonrelapse Death With CAR T Therapy

A meta-analysis of clinical trials and real-world studies found that infections are responsible for almost half of all nonrelapse deaths among patients with advanced blood cancers treated with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy. The study also showed that the cumulative incidence rates of nonrelapse mortality were not reported in many of the clinical trials and real-world studies included in the analysis. Among the nonrelapse deaths linked to infections, COVID-19 accounted for over half, fungal infections accounted for 18%, and bacterial pathogens accounted for 20.2%. There were also differences in the specified causes of nonrelapse mortality between clinical trials and clinical practice. Circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and immunocompromised patients receiving CAR T-cell therapy may have contributed to the high rate of nonrelapse mortality.

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