Flaxseeds For Breast Cancer? Study Says Manipulating Gut Microbiota Using Them Could Reduce Risk

Researchers conducted a study on the manipulation of gut microbiota using flaxseeds and found that it could be beneficial in the prevention of breast cancer. Flaxseed is known for various health benefits, including relieving constipation, controlling cholesterol levels, and reducing inflammation. The study revealed that flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens called lignans that could influence the relationship between gut microorganisms and the expression of mammary gland miRNAs, which regulate genes involved in breast cancer. The researchers emphasized the potential of dietary intervention targeting microbiota to prevent breast cancer. This preliminary study supports further research into the role of microbiota in dietary approaches to reduce disease risk factors.

The full study was published in the ASM journal and it showed correlations between diets enriched in flaxseed, cecal microbiota composition, and miRNA profiles in the mammary gland. These results support further research into the role that the microbiota plays in dietary approaches to reduce risk factors associated with disease.

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