BET inhibitors combined with JAK inhibitors well-tolerated with myelofibrosis

The BET inhibitor BMS986158 has shown promising preliminary data of potential disease modification in patients with intermediate- or high-risk myelofibrosis when used in combination with ruxolitinib and fedratinib. The phase 1/phase 2 CA011-023 study, led by Dr. Haifa Kathrin Al-Ali, head of the Krukenberg Cancer Center at University Hospital of Halle in Germany, examined 16 patients receiving BMS986158 with ruxolitinib as a first-line treatment, and 24 patients receiving it with fedratinib as a second-line treatment. The study found early and deep spleen volume reduction in both sets of patients, with manageable levels of thrombocytopenia as the most significant treatment-related adverse effect. The study is ongoing, with patients enrolling in dose expansions for the first-line treatment with ruxolitinib.

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