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The application process for Principal Investigator positions can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect and don’t have the necessary support. For this reason, Development has created a new scheme, our Pathway to Independence (PI) programme, which will provide support, mentorship and networking opportunities for the selected researchers (PI fellows).

Applications for Development’s Pathway to Independence (PI) programme are open until 31 January.

While we are only able to select a small number of applicants for the programme, we have been looking for other ways to support those applying for group leader positions. We have come across some fantastic resources that already exist to help candidates through this process (often from new group leaders), and we thought that the Node would be a great place to collate this information. Below, we have included some of the advice that we have come across, and we would like your help in continuing to build this collection. If you have written, used or have come across any useful advice, please get in touch via our contact page, email us at thenode@biologists.com or use the comments section below. Once we have collated this information, we’ll create a new page in our Resources section, which we can continue to update. Thanks to Arjun, Jessica, Kara and Daniel for letting us share their advice!

Thoughts on applying for faculty positions by Arjun Raj

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